360° Smart Shading

Comfort, efficiency, and security: Silent Gliss systems are easily in-tegrated into all standard building automation environments for smart buildings; whether in the business environment or in the private sector.

We have over 60 years of experience with motorised shading systems. From wired, intelligent full integration to an app solution and plug-and-play, we offer a control solution for all needs.

With new smart components and smart motors, our interior shading systems can now be fully integrated into a modern building management system, ensuring two-way communication between the various technical installations in a building.

Enhanced convenience with Smart
Intelligent interior shading makes it possible to adjust the incidence of light and the room temperature precisely to personal preferences, which increases living and working comfort.

Enhanced efficiency with Smart
Sensor technology is used to utilise energy more efficiently by automati-cally adjusting the room temperature. Our smart shading systems make a significant contribution to this.

Enhanced security with Smart
Fully integrated into the building management system, our shading systems, together with interior lighting, alarm and entertainment systems, make a significant contribution to security. Privacy is protected or presence is simulated.

360° smart shading from Silent Gliss offers comfort, efficiency and security.