Gstaad Palace, Gstaad, Schweiz

Namn och plats:
Gstaad Palace, Gstaad, Schweiz
Metropole SG 7610, Colorama Dimout
Metropole SG 7610, Polyflax
Metropole SG 7610, Leviso Light
Hissgardin SG 2120, kundens egna textil
Manuella gardinskenor SG 6010, SG 6011, SG 6026, kundens egna textil

Mike Niederhauser


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Built in 1913, Gstaad's landmark hotel is family owned for three generations and combines classic grand hotel glamour with alpine comfort. All stylishly furnished rooms and suites offer the highest comfort and unsurpassable views of the Swiss Alps.


Silent Gliss Metropole perfectly matches the Alpine Chic interior of the penthouse. Discretion and blackout are provided by the noble Wave curtain with Colorama Dimout fabric. Numerous other Silent Gliss curtains and Roman blinds are used in all areas of the hotel.